• Tony Frobisher

Morning. Silent

Morning. Silent Morning woke silent The sun rising in quiet colours And birdsong soft, whispered Did not rouse the still sleeping Morning woke and silence pervaded all thought As river mist floated unheard And rabbits ran soft of foot Not a drop of lustrous dew displaced Morning woke to calm reverie And cool air hung motionless Waiting to welcome warmth As a fox darted, a glimpse of blurred ochre Parting hedgerows with ne'er a sound Morning woke tranquil, undisturbed The light dispersed shadow to nothing And gentle played upon rippling river flow Dancing quiet with silvered fish That lightly broke the surface Eager too, to witness the spectacular silence of dawn _____________________________ I cycled to see the sunrise this morning at 4:48am. The peace and quiet beauty of a rural sunrise, colours in dazzling display and river mists is a moment unsurpassed. The silence that accompanies the sun as it creeps above the horizon is the most harmonious of music for mind and soul.

#morning #sunrise #silence #peace #nature #environment

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