• Tony Frobisher

I Thought (No More)

I Thought (No more) Beside the river that ran in quiet company I sat unblinking, still Beside stoic trees that lined the river bank I watched as dawn lifted the gloom Where myriad leaf of dappled green lent cool shade I thought, a solitary comfort And whispering blades of lush grass, dew sodden in dawn air I reflected, as waters reflected in sunlit dance The blackbird song broke the gentle silence I listened pensive but in hope A deep breath, air crisp, redolent with the new day I thought no more For thought would disturb this peaceful scene And render it no longer memorable My mind emptied like the cloudless sky Empty but fulfilled I sat and looked But thought no more _____________________________ Is there a place more peaceful than the gently flowing waters of a river in new dawn light? A place of contemplation and utter silence, that deserves such attention, thoughts become irrelevant, meaningless. Thoughts become noise and have no place. Let this moment pass in silence. Let your presence be enough.

#nature #morning #peace #calm #mindfulness #thoughts

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