• Tony Frobisher

There Is Music In The Trees

There Is Music In The Trees Were it not for the birds Chorused in unison song Upon dawn's breaking Memorable in note and pitch Were it not for the resonance Of the thunder rolling In tempestuous valleys And hills shrouded in cloud And were it not for the trees Conducted by rising winds To play impassioned melody Amongst branch and leaf Would music have been written? Or would we have remained A life unmoved, unfulfilled Music unknown, forever kept? _____________________________ Inspired by a visit to the Elgar Birthplace Museum, Lower Broadheath, Worcestershire. Sir Edward Elgar composed upon the Malvern Hills, surrounded by fresh, open air and views in every direction. Immersed in nature. He is quoted to have said "The trees are singing my music - or have I sung theirs?" Without the natural music of nature, our own musical heritage would not be as rich as it is. Photo. One of Elgar's pianos on display at the Elgar Birthplace Museum 

#music #inspiration #nature

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