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Happy Kindle-Mas

I have been writing poetry for 2 years and in that time I have written around 500 poems, many of which I have uploaded to this poetry website or to my Instagram account @ajfrobisherpoetry

Earlier this month, I was delighted to have been published for the first time. Two of my poems, The Orchard and Summer by the Sea were included in an annual anthology of poetry, The Poetic Bond VIII.

I have now collated three collections of poetry (there will be more at some stage) and these are available to download on Amazon Kindle.

The collections are:

We Are People Too: Poems for the Refugee

Written in response to the ongoing and unprecedented refugee humanitarian crisis that has forced millions of people to leave their countries heading for Europe, in the hope of a new life and escaping war, conflict, persecution, poverty and economic circumstance.

The Silence in Between: Poetry for Silent Reflection in a World of Constant Noise

A collection of poems that intend to provide quiet reflection and a moment of calm in our lives that are constantly under assault from noise.

Nature's Change: Poetry for all Seasons

A collection of poems written throughout the year, reflecting the beauty of nature, its colours and sounds and the continual changes - from sunrise to sunset and the weather in between, to the seasons, rainfall, leaf fall and snowfall.

Also available in paperback (total 80pp)

Each Kindle download is only £1.99 and the paperback priced at £3.99

I hope you will enjoy the poetry and that you find peace, silence, reflection and calm throughout the end of this year and next.

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