• Tony Frobisher

Retail Retold

Retail Retold Retail retold, There's so much stuff Sat gathering dust, Left on the shelves unsold. The stores have all closed The shops have all shut The high streets of Britain No longer sound To the fall of the foot... As you walk slowly then stop Look around and All you'll see are Mobile phone shops and bookies Vape stores and takeaways Amusement arcades and nail bars Coffee shops and cafes Charity shops and poundshops Closing down sales Come buy the lot Empty high streets And silent tills The shoppers have gone They've lost the will To walk and buy The end of the high street is nigh But the online tills ring And the Amazon-ians sing All the way to the banks Which are all closing too. And moving online Oh well. Thanks. ___________________________ It is change or die..and the high streets of Britain are dying, not changing. The rise and rise of online shopping has left the high streets, shopping centres and retail parks reeling. A steady decline, an evident lack of footfall and big names and smaller retailers going out of business. Soon the once vibrant town centres will be abandoned to the inevitable takeover of the takeaways and bookmakers, suntan salons and nail bars. And who's fault will that be? The consumer? The internet retailers? Amazon..EBay? The dinosaur traditional high street retailers...that were caught napping and failed to see the future. I am against consumerism and the constant advertising that implores people to spend spend spend. But to see the demise of the town centres to a depressing void is sad. 

#retail #shopping #business #community #socialcomment

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