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Supermarket Queued

Supermarket Queued I stood in the never ending supermarket queue, Face-masked and quietly admiring the view Of a hundred shoppers, socially at distance Patient, stoical, not the least insistent Or rushing and pushing and getting annoyed Just noting the person in front and trying to avoid Coming within their personal 2 metre space, Smiling with their eyes and hiding their face. Hoping against hope that nobody coughs. Hoping against hope that the chance isn't lost, To find some hand soap, toilet rolls, baked beans and pasta, Wondering who has bought all the plasters. Waiting to file behind the shoppers, the the collectively concerned, Hoping, yes hoping that there will be lessons learned. When we recommence a normal life resumed, And the simple act of joining a supermarket queue. ________________________ Back to Tesco where queuing to enter the supermarket for 30 minutes, 2m away from the person in front and behind, now feels the norm, not unusual or extraordinary.

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