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Civic Duty (UK Government Latest Advice)

Civic Duty! (UK Government Latest Advice) Civic duty! Get Covid Done! Stay Alert! Go to Durham. Wash your hands! Track! Trace! Test! Civic duty! Do your best. Keep your distance! Wear a mask! Keep the R down Or we'll take you to task. Stay in? Go out? Flatten the curve! Go back to work! If you've got the nerve. Go to a park, the beach, You might be fine. Meet one person, End the quaratine. Take a chance and Send the kids back to school. Happy birthday hand washing (twice), Obey the rules! Speak the truth, Don't let it be denied. Follow the daily briefings, For the latest lies. Disinfect the tomatoes, Watch Marr, Peston & Ridge. Queue for the supermarket, Hide in the fridge. Stop shaking hands, Avoid all physical hugs. Join us clapping on Thursdays, As we're taken for mugs. Support the NHS As they care, serve and protect. Doctors, nurses, key workers, They deserve our respect. Don't buy the papers or Read the Times and the Daily Mail. Just express your crosswords, As this government fails. If nothing else Act don't think! Do what you want and Follow your instincts! ____________________________________ Government advice is so confusing these days. Stay in, go out, follow your instincts, do what we say.

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