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Another sofa another favour

Another just one more night

Another thank God you're a life saver

Another job interview

Another queue for the dole

Another do you have a permanent address

Another drink and tarnish the soul

Another night, another please just one more

Another I'm sorry mate you can't kip here no more

Another doorway stinking of vomit and piss

Another dream of happier times, long before this

Another bed, sleeping on a carboard box

Another hey look at that dirty waster

Another day and night of knocks

Another day of jokers, and nasty put me downs

Another group of morons, oh, here come the clowns

Another day of insults, another day of sneers

Another night cowering from kicks from too many beers

Another doorway another day hand out having to scrounge

Another time it could have been different, sat in the lounge

Another Dad, another life, another tale

Another Dad, kind, helpful, not one who assailed after

Another night in the pub, another night getting drunk

Another arriving home in a rage, looking for faces to punch

Another beating, another final straw

Another night cowering behind the door

Another opportunity to escape and to leave

Another bout of worry with a family to feed

A.N.Other might have made a different decision

Another hungover apology, won't happen again contrition

Another final chance, another I'll promise I'll change

Another this is the final chance, another chance to refrain

Another set of memories of happy childhood holidays

Another realisation those days have long since slipped away

Another day - but is this a victory or defeat?

Another night to be spent asleep on the streets

Another how did I end up on the streets like this?

Another life on the streets is better than a life under his fists

Another cry for help in the shivering cold

Another street life story unheard, untold.


How can a society tolerate #homelessness ? There's been a sad return in the number of #homeless PEOPLE - sons daughters friends family members ex colleagues ex #servicemembers living on the streets

The reasons are many & varied BUT we can all help & support charities that help the homeless

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