• Tony Frobisher

Bump and Hide

Bump and Hide

We don't

Bump into each

Other anymore.

No more

Oh I'm sorry,

Let me

Pick you up

Off the floor.

It's orchestral manoeuvres

In the street,

Elbows touch

If we dare to meet.

The eyes have it,

One blink for yes

Two for no.

Masked intentions,

Don't move with the flow.

Just step aside,

Don't take the chance,

Thou shall not bump into me

This way, that way,

Do the Covid dance.


Every walk outside nowadays involves the Covid Dance. A choreographed display of social distancing and avoidance of contact.

I have not shaken hands with or hugged anyone except my wife, daughter and mother and father since March. And I do not recall the last time I accidentally bumped into someone in the street, or they me.

Photo: Preparing to do the Covid Dance. (Note photo from July 2019. I do not know if Morris Dancing has been able to resume). #coronavirus #covid19 #newnormal #life #society

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