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Lockdown 6 months on...Before and After

I'll read every book I've got.

I read half a page and stopped.

I'll exercise, be lean, fit and trim.

The most I did was take out the bins.

I'll diet, eat healthily, lots of fruit and veg.

Bed sheets covered with crumbs of banana bread.

I'll redecorate the house, then write that novel.

Computer said No and I live in a hovel.

I'll ring all my family, my colleagues and friends.

Ah communication breakdown and so it ends.

I'll make good use of this time, locked down at home.

But I didn't, I just sat home, sad, anxious and alone.

I'll be a better person when the corona has gone.

I failed my every intention, got everything wrong.

I'll pray the world will emerge a better place.

Lockdown 6 months on and so much, and so many, have gone to waste.

I'll try to be positive, to look for the sun after the rains.

Well, 6 months on and some things haven't changed.

I'll take it a day at a time, not sure what to expect.

But I'm still here, grateful for today and ready for the next.


Almost 6 months after lockdown in the UK. Much has changed.

Before and after.

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