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Escape to the Moon

Escape to The Moon

I’d like to escape to the moon

And sink within a crater.

I’d like to escape this Earth,

Tara a bit, see ya later.

I’d like to set foot upon

Barren dust and rock.

And gaze back at the Earth,

Ravaged, damaged by man-un-kind, non-stop.

I’d like to look at this planet,

From afar with starry eyes.

I’d like to remember how it used to be,

Before its depleted, polluted demise.

I’d like to leave alone,

The quicker, the better, the sooner.

And happily gravitate away from

A planet that is really ‘lunar.’

I’d like to spend some quiet time,

Sat on the dark side of the moon.

I’d like to not feel the weight of the world,

Of that rock from which I’m hewn.

I’d like to escape to the moon,

To watch the Earth’s blues, greens and whites.

I’d like to escape this Earth,

War, famine, hatred – humanity’s endless blights.

I’d like to hope that one day,

I’d be visited from the Earth.

By a friend who’ll say ‘It’s all fixed,

It’s better now. Come home, for all it’s worth.’

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