• Tony Frobisher

F. Society

F. Society

F. Society.

You don't control me,

I'll do what I want,

Yeah F. Society.

F. Society.

You ain't my boss,

I'll say what I want

And not give a toss.

F. Society.

I'm not gonna work.

Just watch TV,

Smoke weed,

Get drunk

And act like a jerk.

F. Society.

I'll rant on Twitter, noon until night

Insult and troll and banter,

A virtual hate filled chest thumping fight.

F. Society.

I'll bunk off and flunk out of school,

Patrol the streets in a peacock strut,

Not give a fuck about the rules.

F. Society.

I don't want a job.

Just lie around, beer can surrounded

And shout off my gob.

F. Society.

I'll bite the hand that feeds

Kicking and screaming, dodging and weaving,

Until I'm in a position of need.

F. Society.

Your rules don't apply to me.

Only when I sign the line,

Job Seekers Allowance, appointment at half past three.

So yeah,

F. Society.

Can't wait, can't be late.

Off to the job centre, signing on

Hand out, I won't bite,

Ready to be paid by the State.


New graffiti spotted in a couple of locations in Worcester this morning, spoiling the beauty of the riverside.

F. Society.

Yeah, let's f*** society. Which we all live in. An interesting concept. I wonder how far F.Society will get you until you need state handouts, benefits, treatment from the NHS. I wonder how F. Society fits in with learning to read and write in state funded schools?

F. Society. Until you need society to help you. A few flaws in that.

#society #socialcomment #life

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