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I see solidarity

Painted on a brick wall.

Shining on children's

Faces, waving handwritten

Placards with heartfelt

Messages - written in

Simplicity, a cry for

Solidarity and a stance

Of community, of brotherhood

And sisterhood and neighbourhood.

Upon bended knee with heads bowed

In peace, in silence, in empathy.

In harmony, in prayer, in communion

In a one-ness, a shared sense of

Union and we're all one people

From the mosque hall to the church

Steeple, the synagogue and temple

The school, the office blocks,

The tower blocks, the canteen,

The bus stops and street scenes.

The everyday, the everyman, woman

And child carrying on their daily-ness.

A pride in place, a pride in their own.

A pride in identity, a pride in not feeling

Alone, but part of a family, a fellowship,

A membership without fees.

A come and go and do as you please;

But, first and foremost, whether

Black or white or Asian,

Hindu, Jew, Muslim, Christian,

Or someone who proclaims no faith.

We welcome all who practice love

And kindness and compassion.

And treat everyone with

Equality, acceptance, kinship.

Say it loud and proud and

Call for unity, tolerance, respect,

But yet, there are those

Who would deface a message

Of peace and hope and togetherness.

In the singularity of nighttime,

The anonymity of darkness.

The cloak of cowardice who

Would shield their face

For fear of discovery and

Shame and disgrace.

And what the xxxx are you

Up to, we won't stand for this,

You odious, offensive, obnoxious scrote -

We saw you and your brave tin of spray paint

And what you wrote on that wall.

Probably just the same as you posted on

Twitter in all your anger and rage aimed at a young

Black, inspirational, dedicated, compassionate

Footballer who decided to effect change for the good

Of the poorest in society, those falling through the gaps.

Angry that he failed to kick a ball into a net...

Yet, you'll see that solidarity is a common voice.

A group-cry, a cacophony of goodness,

A stentorian roar of kindness and love and

Respect for one, for all, for neighbour and friend.

For the old boy Sid, lives on his tod at the end of the

Road, and the young Mum, Tina, couple of kids

Who was so tired with a headache, ready to explode

But she and the kiddies wouldn't have missed

This for the world.

They were all there, every creed and colour,

I saw Afro-Caribbean, I saw Arab and Indian

I saw Bengali, Pakistani, Afghan, Iranian and

Vietnamese and Chinese, Mexican and Columbian

And Irish and Czech, Polish and Romanian

And Portuguese, French and Italian

And British - black, white, brown, every hue

But all Mancunian. They were there,

Every boy and girl, a world by a wonder wall -

A mural to a 23 year old who some racist bigot

Told to be quiet, because he was black.

Because his missed his pen. Kick him

While he's down, he cost us the cup,

The trophy, the title, which makes you think

You're entitled to hurl abuse from a

A Twitter keyboard and a tin of paint.

But no. The community rallied

And once again, showed the world

Manchester, had an answer for

The racists and idiots. Yes, Manchester

Again, rose up in support of one of its sons

And they won't ever have to pretend

How proud they are of that one, ar kid, ar

Marcus Rashford, he were from round 'ere

Yeah, racists, you can do one.

He's one of us, and always will be.

Written in the aftermath of England's defeat to Italy in the Euro 2020(2021) final. Yes, it hurt to lose, but not as much as the vilification and abuse aimed at Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka - for having the temerity to miss a penalty kick. And because they were back this somehow made it worse for the vocal minority of bigots and racists. The defacing of a mural to Rashford, who has done so much good for the children of the UK, a shining light and role model. was the final straw. The outpouring of love and support and 'not in my name' was heart-warming. Be kind always. Skin is skin, colour is colour. We are all people, we can all be kind.

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Aug 10, 2021

A powerful and touching poem. We are all people. Diversity is our strength.

Aug 11, 2021
Replying to

I'll listen to it with great pleasure. Thanks for sharing the link. Best to you and yours.

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