• Tony Frobisher

Morning Faces

Morning Faces

I pass the smiles,

I pass the frowns.

I pass eyes straight forward,

I pass eyes staring forlornly down.

I greet the joggers and walkers,

I greet the lonely in a world of their own.

I greet the silent ones and the talkers,

I greet the mums and dads, the children who moan.

I note those who are happy,

I note those who are sad.

I note those who are homeless,

I note those who are lost, wild or mad.

I see the faces,

I see the eyes.

I see the questions,

I see the whys.

I expect a response,

I expect a 'good morning'.

I expect a rejection,

I expect an unspoken yawning.

I hope for the best,

I hope all will be well.

I hope they'll have a good day,

I hope they'll remember me,

But who can tell?


Early morning. Walks just after dawn, 5:30am, 6am are a curious and interesting time. There are people about, exercising, walking, readying for work, taking their dog for a walk.

Watching their faces, saying hello to every one is a fascinating study in human response.

Some return your greeting with enthusiasm and a smile. Others blank you and carry on as if you were never there.

#morning #people #life

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