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Masks on

Sanitize your hands.

Enter this way,

Follow the route as planned,

One way around the shop

Don't touch the products

Don't sneeze or cough,

Or get too near.

Shuffling past 2 metres apart

For fear of brushing

Against someone outside

Your carefully selected bubble.

Sorry, 'scuse me, don't mean

To cause trouble.

Empty shops closed shops

Retail staff idly waiting

The tills stay silent, hopeful

Anticipating the Saturday rush

That doesn't come.

The new normal

As the footfall stills

Is this new normal forever?

Or will we ever

Go back to normal again?


What an odd experience it is shopping these days. In the larger department stores it feels as if half the stock has been removed to create space and shop assistants outnumber customers.

Every customer is adorned in a colourful mask, that seeps paranoia from underneath. A palpable nervousness.

This time next year will these shops still be here? Or will online have conquered all? #coronavirus #coronavirusuk #covid19 #shopping #retail

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