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Sea Fearing

Sea Fearing

Fearing every wave,

The swell, a watery grave.

Dinghies and destinies.

Salt water stings,

Whimpers and screams join

The cruel caws; the seagulls sing.

Oh the sea sounds, as

Ink blacked waves pound.

Thrashing and crying as

Face down,

Hope floats away.

Life sinks and slowly drowns.


I can not begin to imagine the fear of refugees, who entrust their lives to a flimsy dinghy, overloaded and crossing treacherous seas, the English Channel, the Mediterranean Sea from Libya or from Turkey. Hoping for a better life, an escape from war and conflict, persecution, economic and social instability, dictatorship and fear of imprisonment for their political beliefs, sexual orientation etc.

For some people it may be the first time they have seen or experienced the sea. And every wave sends waves of fear that at any moment their first sea journey could be their last.

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