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The Heart-Star

The Heart-Star

The fields were gilded

Under a vermeil moon

And the stars hung

In quiet night time reverie

The road was a black line

With sparkling frost

And cold penetrated,

Quickening heartbeats.

A man and a young child craned

Their necks angled towards

The infinite blackness, eyes illuminated

By the gentling moon.

Which star will you become?

Asked the child, staring

Transfixed up into myriad pinpricks

Of light dotting the welkin

A star that is ever present,

Came the reply. Even on the

Nights hidden behind the saddest clouds

My star will still shine brightly for you.

But how will I find it? the child asked,

Joining stars with their finger, in a

Celestial dot to dot. How will

I find your star when you're gone?

The man smiled and reached up,

Plucking a star. Here, open your hands.

Now hold them over your heart.

Let the light in and know it is me in you.

The child held their hands over their heart

As the man held the child in a warming embrace.

Dad, the child said, you'll always be my star.

And you'll always be mine, he replied.

Whenever you try to find my star,

Look to the heavens and know every

Star is a memory of us, and know

You still carry that one special star

In your heart.


A conversation about stars. For our children, we are all stars. Shine as brightly as you can for them in all you do.

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