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  • Tony Frobisher

The Remembrance of Pebbles

The Remembrance of Pebbles

I reach the beach under

A grey-sky welcome,

A stiffening breeze whipping

Bottle-green-broken wave tops

Hurrying to shore, as the pebbles

Watch me expectantly.

Do they remember?

I tread lightly, accompanied

By click, clack, crack, crunch.

Pausing to pick up flint,

Granite, quartz and basalt.

There is warmth and familiarity and

Presence in their solidity.

Do they remember?

I smell our summer memories.

Salt borne and spray washed,

Stone-smooth against my cheek.

I question each one;

'Were you there? Did you see us smile?

Then cast pebble after pebble into the sea.

Do they remember?

I hear the shingle sounds,

Resonating with your

Beach-laughs as waves of happiness

Again usher in hope after hope,

Swashing and tumbling

With such joyous clatter.

Do they remember?

I watch the waves

Spent of energy.

And the sadness returns with

Every mournful backwash.

And the pebbles whisper

Yes, they remember and

How very, very sorry they are.

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