• Tony Frobisher

The Train South From Glasgow (Masks On) / Th' Train Sooth Fae Glascae (Masks Oan)

The Train South From Glasgow (Masks On)

We’re all in it

Just the same.

Except when we’re travelling

From Scotland to England,

On the train, where it’s

Masks on and frustrated sighs,

Pulling out of Glasgow Central,

South-bound under steely skies.

Masks on, lift up to sip

A scolding cup of tea.

Masks back down,

Until time to eat.

Masks back up,

A temporary inconvenience.

Crisps and sandwiches nibbled,

A shared experience as

The train pulls out of

Motherwell, and you hear

A yell from the on board staff,

‘I’m very sorry, but all of you

Need to keep your masks on.’

And everyone laughs,

Coz they know as soon as

That Carlisle is the

Next Station Stop,

The mask will be down

Jettisoned, ripped off.

And the smiling faces

Will sigh a deep heavy

Breath of unconstrained relief.

Because they know full well

That Coronavirus respects

The borders and follows

The orders of our elected

Political elite and woe

Betide any Covid that finds

Itself entering English space.

Because Covid needs to respect

The rules, the time and place.

And leave the train through

The air conditioning

Just after Lockerbie.

Because Boris has said

There’s no more Covid

In England’s lungs you see.

And the train trundles south

Towards London.

Masks off, breathe, breathe.

You keep your masks on Scotland.

We’re heading to the

Land of The Unmasked.

The Land of the Free.

Th' Train Sooth Fae Glascae (Masks Oan)

Wur a' in it

just th' same.

except whin wur travelling

from Scootlund tae England,

on th' train, whaur it’s

masks oan 'n' frustrated sighs,

pulling oot o' Glescae Central,

south-bound under steely skies.

Masks oan, hurl up tae sip

a scolding cup o' tea.

Masks back down,

until time tae eat.

Masks back up,

a temporary inconvenience.

Crisps 'n' pieces nibbled,

a shered experience as

the train pulls oot of

Motherwell, 'n' ye hear

a yell fae th' oan boord staff,

‘a'm pure sorry bit a' o' ye

hae tae keep yer masks oan!’

and a' body laughs,

coz thay ken as soon as

yon Carlisle is the

next station stop,

the mask wull be down

jettisoned, jibbed off.

And th' smiling faces

will sigh a deep heavy

breath o' unconstrained relief.

Because thay ken stowed oot well

Tha’ coronavirus respects

tha’ borders 'n' follows

the orders o' oor elected

political elite 'n' woe

betide ony covid that finds

itself entering sassenach space.

Because covid needs tae respect

the rules, th' time 'n' place.

And lea th' train through

the air conditioning

just efter Lockerbie.

fur Boris haes said

there’s na mair covid

in England’s pipes ye see.

And th' train trundles south

towards London.

masks aff, breathe, breathe.

youse keep yer masks oan Scotland.

we’re heading tae th'

land o' th' unmasked.

the land o' th' free.

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