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Anxiety Speaks

The inner dialogue that goes on in your head when you have experienced social outward appearance of wanting to participate, to be included; coupled with a brave face.... and shallow, empty words. The narrative in your brain, a voice saying the opposite; encouraging you to avoid, retreat and disengage....

How are you?

I'm fine.....(I'm not)

What you been up to? Oh, this and that....(not a lot)

Seen anyone lately?

Yes, loads of people...(none at all)

Been out recently? Oh here and there...(staring at the wall)

Life's good then?

Never better...(Never worse)

Must meet up soon?

Yes yes of course...(but I won't, of course)

Great to see you smiling

Thanks, I'm doing well...(The smile a lie, but who can tell?)

Got to dash, see you soon

Yes, you too..(when the moon turns blue)

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