• Tony Frobisher

Atop Hills of Green

I can clearly remember the November day last year my wife and our daughters Milla and Louisa went for a bracing walk up the Malvern Hills. A keen wind saw us all wrapped up, but taking in the beautiful panoramas from the Malvern Hills...looking out east over the Vale of Evesham and west towards Wales, north into Shropshire and the faint outline of Birmingham and south to the Cotswolds and the Severn estuary towards Bristol. We all had a lovely walk. But little did any of us expect that it would be the last time we would push Milla in her wheelchair up those hills. That Milla would not see those hills again.

Atop Hills of Green Atop hills of green I stopped to look at a view I would not see again Fields of plenty stretched for miles Village and farm dotted amongst coppice and woods I breathed in drinking the cool crisp air Deliciously quenching my thirst for life Invigorated and energised I looked to the sky gathering grey and brooding Wisps of cloud chased by westerly winds Threat of rain tingling in the air All this I saw All this and more Enjoy and live this moment Take home this picture for this place shall remain This beautiful view I would not see again

#loss #memories #sadness #reflection #nature #hills

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