• Tony Frobisher


Drowning Drowning Submersed submerged A surfeit of memory That washes over A weight that bears heavy Pushing pulling churning Drowning Light trickles and fades From a surface of happiness Into the depths unfathomable Until darkness penetrates Day becomes night permanent Drowning Currents of tears that drag And tear at every waking moment Memories circulate above Swirling in the swell and rise and fall Of all that was and now is lost Drowning In memories that remain As you drift further from them And sink once again Swimming in vain Against the tide Forever drowning To feel loss, to grieve is to be constantly bombarded with a million memories. Happy memories and sad recollections. Memories that are ever present, but can overwhelm. Overwhelm to the point where you can not process them and you feel as is you are drowning in memories.

#grief #loss #sadness #bereavement #darkness #light #memories

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