• Tony Frobisher

Pebbles of Memory

Pebbles of Memory A beach where each footstep Sang out to the clatter of shingle And each pebble lay discarded By wave and forgotten storm Moments lost to distant memory Each pebble undisturbed, unmoved As memories lie undisturbed, unmoved Waiting to resurface from unfathomed deep ___________________________________________ The sea and the pebble beach in Eastbourne, a coastal town in South England is a place that conjures so many emotions. Boyhood holidays of sand and sun and happiness. Infrequent returns as an adult. Happy times too...But memories that turn to reflection and sadness knowing how much Milla, my daughter enjoyed her visit here. It is her smile sat listening to the waves, entirely content and happy, that I recall now. Miss you Milla xxx xxx.

#reflection #bereavement #grief #sadness #seaside #beach

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