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Shadows and Sunrise

Shadows and Sunrise Black of dreams Haunted nights Restless, interminable Taunted by shadows And memories that can never be light, only darkness But wake saddened, distraught And wait, wait for day to break To be soothed from those first colours That splinter the ebony horizon And where happiness is again glimpsed in soft colours, Tinged in beautiful memories That emerge slow as sunrise No trace of shadow's menace Pained dreams dispersed Blackness gone _____________________________ To lose your daughter is to be constantly haunted by thoughts and emotions - sadness and loss, emptiness and grief. The nights play on memories. And nights can be cruel companions. Where dreams can taunt and haunt and hurt. But the morning can bring hope as darkness slips away replaced by the light of dawn and the hope of sunrise. And with it come positive happy recollections. And that is what sustains. 

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