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The Thoughts of Swans

The Thoughts of Swans They pass, But seldom stop. Those river walkers That peaceful stroll. Words adrift on pleasant Breeze and caught In weeping willow leaves. Hands held, clasped Tight in memory. Sadness forgotten. And children wait, A moment to watch The graceful swan parade. Eyes wide they point, Mouths wide they laugh, Sealing happiness in youthful Hearts, that are free And content as the swans, That glide apace. The gentle children With their lengthening Strides, as they break Into an excited run. But still they pass And seldom stop, Flowing with the river, Ceaseless. A joyous tide. Let them pass, As happy as swans, Sadness forgotten. _____________________________ A walk along the River Severn in Worcester, accompanied by the ever present swans. Silent and watching. As we pass by. 

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