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It's Time

The face returns sallow stare Lines do not raise a smile Coughing hard into memories Bringing tears to flow Coat tight against crippling wind Walks along forgotten street Lights a cigarette for warmth Smoke obscures sadness Half a bitter nursed for hours Near empty pub, no one speaks Loneliness his companion Until darkness comes Shuffles home, a pint of milk Tea's made, a familiar friend Sharing cuppas together The flicker of tv times Slippers waiting unworn, cold Where they now remain, untouched An empty chair, cushion plumped Where she always sat A glance at the ticking clock Time has slowed, but not yet stopped His eyes close and hears her close Go to bed, it's time Climbs into the unmade bed Strokes the side her smell remains The side where she did not wake The sheets unchanged still Wishing for sleep to claim him Loneliness deserts his dreams A gentle hand cupped in his Go to bed it's time _____________________________ A Doditsu to Loneliness There are so many who have lived long lives with their husbands or wives or partners. Lives they felt would go on together forever. But the loneliness when one partner passes before the other must be so hard to bear. My Grandad lost his wife, my Nana, almost 20 years before he passed away. Although he was surrounded by love and family, I could tell how much he missed my Nana.

Let us not allow loneliness to be an inevitability in old age. 

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