• Tony Frobisher

Voices in the Mist

Voices in the Mist I stood and watched the mist, That gathered in whispers And swirled above Blackened fields, Shrouded in defiant night, Reluctant to cede to daylight. The mist carried voices, Soft, a welcome presence. I strained to listen, Attempting to catch those memories, Before the warmth of sunrise Dissipated the voices into the new day. There was stillness in everything. The leaves knew not to fall And the grass let not a drop Of dew form and trickle and pool. As darkness slowly faded, We listened to the voices in the mist. _____________________________ Mist in the half light of a new dawn. A pervading silence...but listen and you will hear the voices contained in the mist.

#morning #weather #memories #voices #daybreak #sadness #loss #bereavement #grief

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