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BREXIT - This Way

BREXIT, This Way. Goodbye We're leaving EU An exit, really? A way out of a mess That was perceived, construed Viewed through vitriol And jingoistic pride In a notion of a nation That doesn't exist To think of a map That we coloured pink A pride in the desire To assert our uniqueness And to eschew difference An exit. Really? An utter mess But there it is. No exit, only a door Locked and marked 'Keep Out!' Only Brexiteers Shouts and jeers Only Remainers The I told you so, complainers You said this, you said that Everyone reaching for opinions And donning tin hats. A mass-debate Intractable, endless Argued and misconstrued Misconceived and misunderstood, confused. Because brexit Is no exit From the shit We find ourselves Wallowing in Up to our necks Swimming against a tide Of bile and hate and division 'Close the gates we're full' Full of what? A lack of empathy, compassion Full of passion, yes For a world painted in a hue That which from the mirror Looks just like me and you Take back control We're strong and stable Cut adrift in a leaking ship In a permanent brexitstorm With a captain and crew Demonstrably unable to Bail us out and hoping for rescue Trying not to sink and being told You scuppered and holed your own boat And the lifeboats are full Time to jump ship Good luck everyone, BREXIT - this way 


The UK is on the cusp of the most monumental, seismic, political and social change. The decision to leave by the UK under Brexit and the convoluted, tangled, confusing mess of the deal / no deal that no one will or can agree to is leaving a bitter taste in the mouth. Mixed with anxiety, fear and discomfort for the future.

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