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The Biscuit Brexiteers

The Biscuit Brexiteers Leave our Digestives alone, This is a Lebkuchen and Petit-Buerre free zone. So hands off our Rich Tea and Custard Creams, It's this Brexit business, we don't want to seem mean. But once we leave this braying EU mob Nothing will ever replace the glorious Hob Nob, The Garibaldi, Bourbon and Scottish Shortbread, We'll never again choose a Euro-biscuit instead. So leave our Digestives alone, Bugger off, these are our Brexit biscuits, go get your own. You can keep your Langues de Chat, Stroopwafel and Macaron Just dunk British Brexit Biscuits in your (Indian, Sri Lankan, Kenyan or Indonesian) tea And you won't go wrong. __________________________ Jingoism...Nationalistic fervour...Defensive entrenchment...stock piling rations in the event of a No Deal Brexit... The chaos continues. Of our making. As a country a majority (just about) decided to leave the EU. For what? A return to the good old days of Britain. Tea at 4 O'clock and a plate of Rich Tea, Digestives and Custard Creams. Maybe. And I am sure those pesky Europeans will never be allowed to take our biscuits. How dare they.

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