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Night Memories

Night Memories So come gather your memories Swirling in the night air. Await the stillness of dreams, Where silence greets you. Let the darkness be the canvas For every colour past. Peel back those saddening layers. Expose the happiness buried beneath the grieving. A dormant happiness, Ready for reawakening. Polish those memories to a glittering. And reveal the healing. _____________________________ When you live with grief, the sadness builds in layers. It piles higher, smothering all thoughts of happiness and suppressing the memories of happier times and time shared. But silence, meditation, mindfulness, calm and a moment in the still darkness of night time, can help the happy memories resurface. The noise of life and the noise of grief subsides and your vision is filled with colour, memories painted in the most blissful colours. Peel back the sadness, reveal the happiness that still remains. It is there. It will return, if you gently let it back in. 

#sadness #loss #bereavement #grief #memories #darkness #silence

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