• Tony Frobisher

Brexit Day - Rich and Free

Brexit Day - Rich and Free The day Brexit made us all rich and free Morrissey at the Palace collected his MBE. And every politician told us nothing but the truth, While we all drank from the eternal fountain of youth. And London's streets glittered, paved in gold, While magic money trees fruited £50 notes for young and old. The day Brexit made us all rich and free, The moon shone blue and we all believed That 2 and 2 always makes five Sunlit Uplands became Airstrip One, And it was a joy to be alive. So come you proles this is the future you see, The day Brexit made us all rich and free. _________________________________ 22 years ago I lived in the flat top floor, left hand side of the building to the right of the tree (under the flag)... Never ever would I have envisaged witnessing the debacle of Brexit all these years later. I taught a Business English class of 3 German and 1 Spanish students today. All confused, bewildered and saddened at the direction the UK...the 52% who voted leave, is taking.

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