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The Big Words of Brexit

The Big Words of Brexit A country inveigled to an imbroglio state. No deal forthcoming that's worth the wait From years of angst and anger and chagrin. Enmired in the quixotic notion we're better out than in. Fed a diet of palpable, bare faced lies From irascible, irredeemable, incorrigible shysters Who, masters of their stentorian voice, Bluster and bellow, it's your only choice! And the animus gives way to a saddened dolour, Immured in the mess we all must wallow. The florid few feign flimsy facts, As we stand mouth agape at their unbelievable acts Of crass stupidity and affectatious intent, Persuading us of the benefits of Brexit, heaven sent. And putting the Great back in Britain and the sham in shambles Playing Brexit roulette and the greatest gamble. Indefatigable banging of heads against walls Until they crumble, shattered, with no benefit at all. So sail away, and cut us adrift, A deleterious deluded political shift. Away from unity and meritorious gain, To disembodied, individualistic, intransigent pain. And the orotund crow and shout out loud, Time for a No Deal Brexit, of which we can all be proud. ________________________________ 31st October looms large. Our parliament is on its summer holidays. The good ship Great Britain steams towards the great waterfall of a No Deal Brexit. And for some, the prospect fills them with excited glee. For many, it fills them with a sense of dread and apprehension, fear and concern. Forgive my whimsical use of some of the most obscure and least used words I could find....Brexit is just as confusing, difficult to understand and obfuscating.

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