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The Earth. Paused

The Earth Paused. Earth Day 2020 The Earth. Paused. The Earth Paused. And took a long breath. Savouring the unfamiliar tastes, Of purity, of stillness, of quiet. The Earth Paused. And wondered where the people were. Enjoying nature's reverie, A blissful calm. The Earth Paused. And healed its wounded heart. Treating its riven scars, A peaceful rest. The Earth Paused.

Mankind in lockdown. People forced to stay indoors. And the Earth is placed on a welcome pause from noise, pollution, traffic, destruction. And quickly, nature has begun to heal itself, to re-emerge, welcoming the rest from the ravages of the human race. Once life has resumed and the coronavirus crisis has subsided, let's hope we can allow the Earth to breathe, not choke it as we have been for decades.

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